Our products are CE certified and they are designed for high-efficiency results.

It is supplied with an optional electric heater according to the requests of our customers. It is made of aluminum in a way that does not affect the safety criteria.

Cryogenic Gas Tanks

It is designed for different working pressures between 5-42 bar and certified according to the   2014/68 / EU Pressure Equipment European Directive. Although the internal structure is made of austenitic stainless steel, the thermal insulation is transferred to the partition between the two parts as a filler using insulating materials and high vacuum.

Bed Head Units

The bed head units are patented and are designed based on the comfort and convenience of the patients. Thanks to the mechanical grooves on the upper and lower parts of the units, it is easier to attach and/or remove various medical equipment while preserving its aesthetic design.


Medical Gas Outlets

Medical gas outlets consist of 2 parts. Thus, even if one of them is reserved for maintenance, leaks are prevented with the “check valve” system. Gases do not mix with each other thanks to the outlets allocated for each gas. The protective cover and screws are made of brass while index pins are made of stainless steel.

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